What we do

Project Management

Do you need to translate a manual, contract or blog into several languages? No problem! At Nosmet we’re accustomed to managing translation projects for multiple languages, European and non-European, and each time we can find the best-suited professionals to your projects!

Revisions & Editing

Your text is almost ready but needs a final check? Or you simply feel another pair of eyes (and ears!) needs to verify whether it really works as you would like? You’ve found the right place!

Specialist and creative translations

With over fifteen years’ experience in the field, we can offer highly specialized translations in medical, legal, technical and film industry texts and help the values and products of your brand travel around Italy and the world, with creative translations suited to the expectations of your market!

Certifications & Legalizations

We can provide sworn translations at the Court of Rome for your documents. Contact us to find out more!


Need to translate your website or new app? No problem, we can localize your web or multimedia content adapting it to your market of reference.

Audio & video transcriptions

Need to transcribe a conference speech or any type of video content but have no time? No problem, just leave it to us!

All our projects follow a clear well-defined procedure and undergo meticulous final checks and revisions before delivery.

This is our work method:

1. Assessment

upon receiving your file we immediately carry out a content assessment and proceed to verifying the specialist field and the number of source pages/words to give you a precise idea of turnaround times, costs, revision options and more.

2. Quote

free quotation specifically calculated on the basis of your texts and with detailed information on total costs, turnaround times and payment methods. If you deem it necessary, we can also offer several options for the revision of your texts by external specialists.

3. Confirmation

once you approve the quotationwork on the project begins immediately.

4. View and Feedback

if you wish, you can request to have a first translation draft sent to you for viewing, so that you may give us your feedback and allow us to provide you with an even more tailor-made translation.

5. Revision

before the final delivery every translation undergoes a meticulous revision and verification process by our internal editors, who check fidelity to the original text, as well as stylistic and terminological uniformity. Our translations are always revised in full (never with a limited “spot check”!) and revision costs are always included in the quoted price.

6. External revision (optional)

according to your needs, this time with an extra cost, we can provide a further revision by our contributors in the medical and legal professions.

7. Delivery

upon completion of the revision and verification process, the translation is ready for delivery!

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