NSCA – National Strength and Conditioning Association (Italy and USA)

A translation project for the US National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certification, in cooperation with NSCA Italy

Through an Italian customer, NSCA contacted us directly from the US to ask us to work on a very interesting project: the translation of an online platform for obtaining the association’s official certifications.

The platform consists of several tests with multiple choice questions; therefore the style of the translation had to be clear and straightforward and follow the official terminology of the sector and of the NSCA in particular.

The project presented several challenges:

  • Constant information exchange and feedback with the client’s proof-readers to adapt the terminology and the style to highly specialized users and to the objectives of the tests.
  • Specific translation skillsin the field of sports medicine, of physical and physiological adaptation to conditioning and of fitness and Olympic weightlifting.
  • Requirement to write the translation directly onto the client’s online platform, taking extra care to assure the strictest uniformity of style and terminology while unable to employ any CAT (computer-assisted translation) software and related glossaries.
  • Once again, a considerable bulk of work with tight and strict deadlines for the online publishing of the platform.

Thanks also to a constant fruitful exchange of information and feedback arranged between the in-house proof-readers in the United States and the Italian Project Manager, we managed to speed up translation timesand deliver a product customized for the client.

Thanks to its versatile skills, Nosmet was able to quickly adapt to all of the client’s requirements and to the new work procedure, offering tailored solutions.

Nosmet has been carrying out medical translations for over twenty years, with a special focus on sports medicine, a field in which it has translated a vast number of specialist manuals, academic articles for journals and study and research projects. In addition, it has translated articles on study and research in the field of Olympic weightlifting and a variety of other sports for the renowned publication Strength & Conditioning, promoted by FIPE (The Italian Weightlifting Federation) and NSCA Italy.


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July 11, 2018