AIDOS – Associazione Italiana Donne per lo Sviluppo (Women’s Development Association)

Translation project for the European Web Platform on FGM: “UEFGM – United to End Female Genital Mutilations”

In spring 2016 we were contacted by AIDOS to carry out one of the most interesting projects we’d ever been involved in: the translation from English to Italian of the online European platform for awareness on female genital mutilation, FGM, aimed at professional figures operating in various sectors, from health to administration, from schools to reception of migrants.

The project posed several challenges:

  • Constant exchange of information and feedback with the client, crucial to understanding what would be the tone of voice of the modules and the most suitable register and terminology for the target audience of the platform.
  • Transversal translation skills touching upon several fields: the medical and scientific,the legal (legislation in the various EU countries, EU legislation itself, UN-promoted conventions), gender studies, human rights, reception of migrants, the distinct terminologies used by the European Union and the United Nations(by no means interchangeable).
  • Last but not least, a remarkable volume of work with rigorous deadlines due to the online publication of the platform and the strictest confidentiality on the contents of the Project.

Therefore, we arranged a briefing with the client at AIDOS headquarters in Rome to draw up the main points of the project and discuss the particular elements of each module.

Only then did we begin the translation project itself, always keeping a direct line with the client to receive constant feedback and carry out immediate continuous checks on the approved terminology and the preferred stylistic characteristics,, in such a way creating a glossary, which, week after week, ended up speeding up translation and refining the result.

Nosmet was able to adapt to the client’s requirements, adopting the appropriate style for each type of module, on the basis of what was requested, assuring a perfect adherence to the approved terminology and delivering the final work perfectly on time.

As well as the modules of the platform, for the same project we also translated European documents on asylum-seekers, from French and English into Italian and vice versa, always using mother tongue translators with an expertise in legal matters and EU affairs.


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July 11, 2018